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What is TrystWithData?

There are two parts:

Our website is an online showcase for top big data companies worldwide

Offline, we connect businesses with the right big data companies for their data science projects.

I have a project for which I need data science teams. How can you help?

We get details of your requirement, and put you in touch with companies that are best-equipped to deliver.

How will it benefit me?

You’ll get information on the different types of teams in the market, along with their pricing & working models. You’ll also be introduced to teams that have done similar projects in the past. We’ll be your personalized consultants till you finalize with a team.

I’m a big data service provider, and want my company to be listed. What should I do?

Click here and start creating your profile. Keep it updated with your latest works & customer reviews. We’ll get in touch and find out more about your company.

How will having a company profile benefit me?

We’ll know your capabilities, and will pass on leads to you that align with your capabilities. Your profile is what we first look at when identifying teams for each project.